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Data Warehouse Assessment

A data warehouse initiative that is just beginning or restarting will benefit from a rigorous and comprehensive assessment. The results of such an assessment provide extensive information to position the initiative for success. Please contact us through this form and we'll schedule a 30-minute exploratory call to review our assessment process and align on customizing your Assessment to your specific use case.

Your assessment deliverables will include:
  • GAP Analysis
  • TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • End State Architecture
  • Production Road Map



Transforming your Data Strategy

With the right data strategy, you can unblock the barriers to making data-driven decisions. Modern business relies on accurate, current data to fuel strategic insights—it’s how companies stay relevant in a hypercompetitive marketplace. Essential to this analytics-driven strategy is your data platform.

The ability to convert data into tailored products, offers, recommendations, and messages for individual customers is a business necessity that drives revenue and differentiation.  The strategy to modernize your data platform needs to be more than just “lifting and shifting” your legacy data warehouse to the cloud.

Accelerate BI & Analytics for All Users

Modernizing your data warehouse enables all your business units to rapidly launch new analytics initiatives. This allows the business teams to adapt to changing workloads quickly, expanding or reducing capacity to accommodate fluctuations in data volume and concurrent users.

Business users must be able to access all data on their terms. They must be able to access the data from a wide range of analytics solutions as well as see and interact with the data through various visualization tools and dashboards, all while being placed on a path to easily integrate next-generation technologies like new reporting tools or machine learning for predictive insights.


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